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2012 Legacies Honorees Compilation Video

Janet Fritz was part of a compilation video featuring her story, along with Legacies Honorees Sheri Linnell, Dick Dunn, Wanda Mayberry, Brad Sheafor, Jack Curfman, Tex Anderson, and Jennifer Anderson.

Audio Described Version of 2012 Legacies Project Summary Video (best experienced in Chrome)

Watch Janet Fritz’s personal Legacies video and hear her stories and memories.

Honoring Janet's Legacy Janet Fritz

Read Janet’s biography to find out more about her history and contributions.

The Janet J. Fritz Scholarship provides support to incoming freshmen who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Message for Janet Fritz

“Dr. Fritz was my favorite professor in all of my years at CSU! She was my professor for Childhood Social and Personality Development. I learned more from Dr. Fritz that I would later use as an elementary teacher (for 23 years) than I learned in any other class. I distinctly remember her telling us she was not going to insult our intelligence by reading from the textbook and warned us to always have our reading done in preparation for class. Dr. Fritz taught me not only about child development, but about good work habits. The toughest assignment I ever completed was a paper for Dr. Fritz. Receiving an ‘A’ on the paper, and in her class, meant so much more to me because of the work I invested. Thank you, Dr. Fritz, for being the kind of instructor all college students deserve!”

Gretchen Meister (B.A. Human Development and Family Studies, ’92)

Janet Fritz Photo Gallery