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2015 Legacies Honorees Compilation Video

Marie Macy was part of a compilation video featuring her story, along with Legacies Honorees Linda Carlson, Grant Sherwood, and Janell Prussman.

Watch Marie Macy’s personal video and hear her stories and memories.

Honoring Marie's Legacy Marie Macy

Read Marie’s biography and career history and find out what she’s doing today.

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The Marie Macy Director’s Legacy fund provides financial support for the needs of the Early Childhood Center.

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Contact Marie at

Message for Marie Macy

“My congratulations to Mary Macy’s Legacy fund. Mert has been a mentor to many, many CSU students over the years and especially for her friend’s children. They all knew that Mert was a secure and helpful adult who would be a friend and mentor. For me, knowing Mert has been a very special treasure. I’m so glad that she is being honored.”

Bea Shenkenberg (’57 Foods and Nutrition)

Marie Macy Photo Album