Academic Units

Academic Units

Eight academic units comprise the College of Health and Human Sciences, one of the largest colleges on the Colorado State University campus. The College is human-centered with a focus on educating students for people-oriented professions. Our goal is to help students learn to apply creative, interdisciplinary research to solve social problems. Each of our units offers professional education for careers and lifelong learning. For more information about our programs including career possibilities and majors, click on the links below.

Department of Construction Management

A degree in construction management provides a strong foundation for professional careers in the construction industry. The curriculum integrates construction technology with the basics of civil engineering, business and management, and the communication skills required to be successful in today’s business environment. Graduates of the program consistently move on to exciting professional careers managing a vast array of construction projects. Since its inception in 1946, more than 5,000 students have received their degrees, many of them becoming leaders in their field. There are no other comparable nationally accredited undergraduate programs in this field in the state of Colorado.

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Department of Design and Merchandising

Design and Merchandising offers three academic programs: Apparel Design and Production, Interior Design, and Merchandising. The programs, all leading to a bachelor of science degree, have in common an understanding of design, business practices, and the needs of the client. These programs lead to exciting professional careers and are not found in any other four-year university program in Colorado. Career preparation is facilitated by relevant course work and internship opportunities.

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Department of Food Science and
Human Nutrition

The Department of FSHN is dedicated to balance and excellence in life, education, research and engagement. We strive to provide an inclusive environment and envision learning as not only a lifelong pursuit but also a partnership with our students.

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Department of Health and Exercise Science

Physical activity, wellness, and disease prevention concepts are all part of a degree in Health and Exercise Science. The curriculum focuses on health throughout the lifespan and addresses prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation.

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Department of Human Development and
Family Studies

Human Development and Family Studies provides students with knowledge and skills to assist in the development of individuals and families across the lifespan. Students are involved in developing appropriate activities for educational or therapeutic settings; helping families adjust to changes such as birth, divorce, change in job status; aiding in avoiding substance abuse and delinquent behaviors; helping adults who are considering changes in marriage of careers; making life after retirement easier and more enjoyable; and easing the pain of coping with grief at any age.

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Department of Occupational Therapy

The nationally ranked Department of Occupational Therapy offers a professional master’s degree program, as well as a Ph.D. The goal of the master's program is to prepare students for leadership roles as occupational therapists focusing on preparation for a broad-based, advanced-generalist practice. Comprehensive in nature, the program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to support people of all ages who have special needs, by addressing daily challenges related to their life roles and assisting them in maximizing their independence. Students selected to enter our program must have a bachelor's degree and meet admission requirements.

Occupational Therapy Program Instruction Fee Information

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School of Education

The School of Education offers a Ph. D. in Education and Human Resource Studies with specializations in Education Sciences; Higher Education Leadership; Organizational Learning, Performance and Change; and School Leadership. The School offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies with specializations in Adult Education and Training; Counseling and Career Development; Education Sciences; and Organizational Learning, Performance and Change; and a Master of Science (M.S.) in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Educator licensing is through the Center for Educator Preparation. The School of Education is also home to the Family and Consumer Sciences interdepartmental major.

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Center for Educator Preparation

Family and Consumer Sciences

School of Social Work

Social Work is a profession for those with a strong desire to assist people. Social workers help people deal with their relationships with others; solve their personal, family, and community problems; and grow and develop as they learn to deal with environmental forces affecting daily life. Social workers often encounter clients facing serious illness or social problems requiring complicated solutions. Through direct counseling or referral to other services, social workers help people solve a range of personal problems. At the undergraduate level, the generalist program prepares social workers for practice in hospitals, schools, public social service agencies, mental health programs, child welfare and family services, agencies providing long-term care services for the elderly, and corrections and probation/parole.

School of Social Work Program Instruction Fee Effective Fall 2011

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